My female Eevee. She is the absolute best partner in traveling. She likes food sour, thinks salty is ok, and hates spicy. That's what was completely opposite with an old trainer that used to have my Eevee. Here's how me and my Eevee met.

Meeting Eevee

First, is starts out with a Pokemon's cry herd echoing. "EEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEE!!!" I located the cry by catching a Starly. While I was looking in a bush of Pomeg flowers,

I had my Starly call. "Starly! Star Star Starly!!" I ran into a wonderful place full of Combee. Starly was sitting by a small rugged Honeycomb while she was looking at an

extremely weak Eevee. There was a Trainer somewhere hiding in the sticky honey walls. A Vespiqen had attacked the Eevee according to that Trainer's plans. I had Starly use Wing Attack on the wall untill it fell apart. We got chased out by 7 Combee and Vespiqen. I snatched the Eevee on the way. Once Vespiquen got distracted by a small charm that had fallen off her necklace, I gave the Eevee ointment and extra care. Then, the very thankful Eevee proudly joined as my partner.

Now here explains a biography about my Eevee.

Eevee's Bio

My Eevee has 8 forms, unlike any other Eevee. It's eighth form is Ghastleon, its Ghost form. It evolves into this form whenever its senses great danger for it. Also, because

it likes food sour, it hasn't won too many Cute Contests. It has been in Pokemon Races, something I made up as a fake Trainer. It raced on the company's Ponyta.

Ashleigh, my sister, her partner is Claydol, so it raced on a Rapidash. My Eevee is always curious about what Pokemon other people have. However, she knows Marilyn

has a Darkrai named Puffy.

Okay, as for Eevee's past.....

Eevee's Past

My Eevee has won 3 Contests in the past. In the Amity Square it has collected lots of Berries, even old Poffins. In my move planners on the attack of Darkrai,

Eevee used Sweet Kiss and Scratch. Gardenia, Fantina, Maylene, Candice, Wake, Roark, and Volkner have helped me try and defeat Darkrai. Of course,

once Darkrai almost defeated Eevee. Eevee had to have two shots and one Faint Heal.