Welcome to My Pokemon's World

This wiki tells about the Pokemon I have. For example, me, who is really actually nine, has fake Pokemon adventures. Most 9 year olds (especially girls) have grown out of pretending. I never get to young for anything. (Exept diapers)


  • Today, 10/29/09, I have made my fourth and most favorite wiki.
  • My Pokemon have evolved: Spinarak, for example.
  • Today my Staravia evolved!
  • One of my visitors added an Eevee image on my wiki. Thank you!
  • I am unable to upload images on my account, so I would like anyone to help me out a little.
  • I will add a favicon, maybe Wednesday.

Pokemon ConfrontedEdit

Darkrai- Just today a Darkrai was attacking our garden of Sunflora!

Roserade- We had figured out what happened to my Torchic with the help of a wild Roserade.

Dustox- Jesselina and her Dustox were giving people free Poffins. (she's actually Jesse, I've busted her disguise before.)

Mime Jr.- James and his hilarios Mime Jr.

Kricketune- Blake Wilkinson's screaming Kricketune, he always uses the Move Uproar in a Contest.

Latest activityEdit