And yes, I have a non-shiny Metagross that is an A+ racer. Here is how I met this power-filled Pokemon:

Meeting Metagross

My partner Eevee was joined as my partner 3 weeks ago when this happened. We were hanging out at the Pokemart when all of a sudden there was a huge bang!

Two Pokemart cashiers ran to see what the matter. A Metang had burst through the wall?! It attacked a Makuhita, a Shellos, a Charizard, and my Eevee! 9 trainers threw

Pokeballs at the Metang because of it's low catch rate. I found an Ultra Ball in my bag, but I threw some leftovers from my dinner at the Metang so while I was catching

it it would be busy eating. And then with oooooooooos and aaaaaaaaaahs I caught the Metang, and then it fused to someone named Marci's Metang, and Marci let me

keep the newly evolved Metagross.

Here is his cool Moveset.

Metagross's Moveset

Meteor Mash: This is Metagross's best move. He uses it all the time if something gets in his way. Steel Speed: Metagross uses this move to give him a headstart in racing.

Stomp: He knows this move because of his pointy fingers impacted with power. Peck: He knew this move as Metang because of Metang's horns.

Why does my Metagross love Salty Poffins?

Metagross's Poffin Tale

First of all, it started eating Salty Poffins with its hunting mouth, not with its regular mouth. But it does have one big appetite. Eevee only gets Poffins if it's a daily meal or

as a reward. I mostly use Salty Poffins to calm down Metagross. Here's how I do it: Metagross gets mad, I start eating an X Defend, I ask Metagross to punch me

as much as he wants, I say 'Salty Poffin!!!' He eats it up and calms down.