Here explains my Staraptor. She likes salty poffins, thinks spicy poffins are ok, and hates bitter poffins. I'm a lot like my Staraptor because when I was racing on it,

and my sister was racing on her Exeggutor, Staraptor (as Staravia) took the path back to the starting line while Exeggutor was headed to the driveway. Staraptor did a crazy crash into Exeggutor to get his attention. All of us laughed, including our partners, who lost some HP.

The need for my Staraptor (as a Starly)

My Torchic and I just got finished battling Hunter J. Metagross had almost broke his bone, Ariados had a dent in his pokey thing on his head, Eevee broke her back leg,

and Torchic hurt his head. But Torchic was so mad when J fleed that it evolved- almost! It hit its own head on the fence and used Bide. "Torchic!" It ran away. I asked my Prinplup to look for him north, Metagross south, and Ariados east. But I had no one for the west. I looked for Flying types in the tall grass with a Great Ball. The first one I found was a Starly, after 3 Bidoof, 9 Kricketot, and 6 Shinx. I was exhausted but glad I found a Starly. It hunted west and came back with Torchic. After hunting and hunting,

Starly evolved into Staravia.

Staraptor plus Claydol doesn't really equal heart

My sister's partner, Claydol, somehow has a crazy crush on Staraptor because of her bold look.